Orangeville Baptist Church    1852 - 1910
The Early Years in Barry County, Mighigan
Covenant Meeting of the Elders

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Orangeville Baptist Church, 1852-1910, first edition
ISBN: 0-9701266-6-2
Author:    Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
Paper Back 8.5 x 11, 130 pages, fully indexed
Item 0970126662

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        The Orangeville Baptist Church is located in village of Orangeville, Barry County Michigan. Aside from the Church, around the turn of the century, the bustling little farm community had a grist mill, sawmill, wagon shop, blacksmith, hardware store, general store, grade school, grange hall, and a stagecoach inn and tavern owned by the colorful Winchester T. Dodge. The town was a well known way stop for travelers between Kalamazoo and Hastings Michigan.

   The Covenant meeting records begin with the formation of the "Orangeville Baptist Society" in 1852 through 1910. The forgotten records were entombed in the church attic for almost a century. The documents were discovered in 1998 by local church members while doing repairs to the church.

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Item 0970126662

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