Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume I,      1780 - 1786

~On the Petition of William Park setting forth that he did on the twenty-second day of July, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine, undertake, to wit, a Courthouse prison and for the sum of four thousand eight hundred and forty-nine pounds, current money at a time when money was at the depreciation of about twenty for one, and as we now believe that the depreciation of money is much greater, by which means there is a probability of his being much injured, he therefore humbly recommended that the General Assembly would authorize the Court of Warren to lay such Tax as may compensate for such depreciation. Ordered that the Clerk of the Court notify the same to the General Assembly by sending a copy of the above order.

~Court House Tax, six pence to be added to the one shilling Tax, laid by act of assembly total one shilling six pence.

~Tax for wounded officers and solders widows at six pence.

~John Marshall, Tabitha Marshall, and William Marshall came into Court and made choice of Tabitha Marshall, their mother, their Guardian, who with William White, John Wortham, and Dixon Marshall, her securities, executed a bond for that purpose, also the Court doth appoint the said Tabitha Marshall Guardian to Charles Marshall, Matthew Marshall, and Peggy Marshall orphans of John Marshall, deceased, who with the aforesaid securities executed a bond for that purpose.

~It appearing to the Court that Thomas Machen, late Clerk of Warren County, is dead by which ordinance the said office became vacant the Court proceeded to the choice of a Clerk and Marmaduke Johnson was unanimously chosen as Clerk and entered into bond with Benjamin Kimball and Samuel Thompson, his securities in the sum prescribed by law and took the oath of allegiance and office and entered into the execution of the same.

~John Macon, Esquire, came into Court and made oath that James Ransom made and delivered, on the twenty-fifth day of December 1778, to his several children, herein after mentioned as follows, to his daughter Betty Ransom one Negro girl named Hannah, to his son Seymour Ransom one Negro boy named Caesar, to his daughter Abigail Sugars Ransom one Negro girl named Penny, and to his daughter Druscilla Ransom one Negro girl named Jenny and on motion the same is ordered to be recorded.

~Ordered that it be recommended to the General Assembly that Mary Hudson, widow of James Hudson, who died in the country’s service leaving the said widow and three children in depressing circumstances, be allowed twenty pounds apiece, for their support.

~Nathaniel Baxter came into Court and recorded his mark as follows, on under half crop in the right ear and a crop and two slits in the left.

~Ordered that Shadrack Lambert, aged eight years last September, be bound to Lewis Patrick, until he attain the age of twenty-one years, his said Master to learn him to read and write and the business of a Planter.

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