Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume II,      1787 - 1792

In this book you will find:
Deeds that are proved and recorded:

~A Deed from William Sumner to Samuel Williams was proved by the oath of William Williams, and on motion the same was ordered to be registered. Who also made oath that he, the said William Sumner, is generally known by the name of William Jordan.

~Ordered that a Dedimus issue to Haley Talley, William Clanton, Basil Stott, Nicholson Long, to take the acknowledgement of Mary Jones of William Jones, and Elizabeth Ache, wife of John B. Ashe in a certain Deed made by them and others to Phillip Kerney which Deed Henry Montfort acknowledged in open Court.

Administration of wills that are presented and proved:

~The last Will and Testament of George Hazelwood, deceased, was presented in Court and proved by the oath of Sterling Harwell and Isaac James, and also a Testament Annexed was proved by the oaths of Darling Harwell and Warwick Hazelwood, one of the Executors named in said Will qualified accordingly, to whom Letters was granted, and the said returned an Inventory of the Estate of the said deceased on oath, and the same is ordered to be recorded.

~The last Will and Testament of Adam Milam, deceased, was presented in Court and proved by the oath of Dixon Williams and John Thompson, subscribing witnesses thereto, and Administration with the will annexed is granted to James Milam, who entered into bond with John Milam, and Lewis Milam, his securities, for that purpose, in the sum of two thousand pounds, and the said James Milam returned an Inventory of the Estate of the said deceased on oath, and the same is ordered to be recorded, and Letters of Administration are granted.

Provisions for the care of orphans, widows and base born children:

~Ordered that John Tucker, Daniel Tucker, and William Tucker, orphans of William Tucker, deceased, ages as follows; John 14 years, Daniel 12 years, and William about 9 years, be bound to James Ellington until they arrive to lawful age and to be learned to read and write and the business of a Planter.

~William Duke in behalf of Tamar Wortham now Tamar Jones, the wife of Edward Jones, made oath that his Account as Administrator to William Wortham, deceased.

The construction of the Courthouse, County roads, bridges, and grist mills:

~Ordered that Riggan Moore be appointed Overseer of the road from Warrenton to the old Road leading from Elliott's toward Halifax, near James Alston's Quarter, and that he keep the same in repair with the following hands, to wit, Miles Bobbit, Thomas Clark, John Dowdon, Jeremiah Jinkins, James Milam, Green Duke's Quarter, James Alston's Quarter, Randolph Cheek, Samuel Williams, Col. Mc Cullock at his Quarter and Hardy Duke.

~On Petition of Benjamin Perry for leave to build a Water Grist Mill across Great Shocco Creek ordered that the following Jury with the County Surveyor view and value and lay one acre of land on each side of said creek, the property of said Petitioner on the one side and one acre on the other side, the property of Presley Helms, to wit, Col. William Johnston, William Williams, Henry Williams, Joel Rivers, Joseph Cocke, or any four of them and report to next Court.

Tax officials and their Districts among other things:

~Ordered that the clerk of this Court certify to the Commissioners of the Loan Office the following persons as entitle to allowances as invalids and widows of deceased militiamen, agreeable to an Act of Assembly in such case made, to wit, Daniel Pegram 8.0; Elizabeth Harrison 8.0; Sarah Patterson 5.0; H. Harton 4.0; Jemima Robertson 5.0; Mary Hudson 5.0.

Licensing and setting prices for conveyance, taverns, food and lodging:

~Ordered that the different Ferries on Roanoke River in Warren County be rated as follows: A loaded wagon and team 8/; Empty 4/; Chair with Equipage 2/6; Chariot or phaeton with equipage 5/; Rolling hogshead 2/6; Man and horse 1/7; every horse 6 pence a head, beef kind per head 6 pence.

~On Motion of Philemon Hawkins, Sr., ordered that a License be granted to John Seagraves to keep an Ordinary at Col. Hawkins' Tavern.

~Ordinary Rates: Good West India Rum per gallon 24/; Toddy of said rum per quart 2/6 gill of Do per Do; 2/ Good Dinner with order and malt beer 4/; Breakfast with tea or coffee 3/; Good Brandy per gallon 20/; Toddy of said per quart 2/; Corn or oats per gallon 1/; Lodging one in a bed 1/6, if more 1/ each; Toffee Rum per gallon 16/; Cider 6 pence per quart.

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