Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume III,      1787 - 1792

The following are highlights you will find:

  Ordered that John Claiborne have leave to build a house on public lots near the Gaol for the security thereof, and that he the said Claiborne be entitled to the possession of the same and his heirs as long as he or them centuries for that purpose.

  An agreement between the legatees of Wood Malone, deceased, and William Noyal Norsworthy, who intermarried with Beersheba Malone, widow of the said Wood Malone, was proved by the oath of John Turner.

  Resolved that the thanks of this Court are due to Nathaniel Macon, the Representative of Congress for District on account of his constant attention to the interests of his Constituents and his furnishing by every opportunity the Public prints relative to the late Treaty.

  Ordered that Thomas Powell be fined 20 for misbehavior before the Court and that he stand committed until he pay the same and that he give security for his good behavior 12 months in the sum of 100 and his security 50 until which he also stands committed.

  A Deed of Gift from Edwin Harris, Herbert Harris, Michael Harris, Joel Harris and Brittian Nicholson to Archibald Harris was proved by the oath of John Newell Sr., and James Walker, which is ordered to be registered.

  Francis Smilley having Exhibited Action of the Peace against her husband, John Smilley, the Court thereupon ordered that the said John should enter into recognition in the sum of one hundred pounds for keeping the Peace and also stand committed until said, Smilley, security in sum of fifty pounds each.

A Relinquishment of a title to a Negro man named Will, from Thomas Miller to William Balthrop, was proved by the oath of Peter Jones, and the same is ordered to be recorded.

  Benjamin Kimbell, Executor of John Moseley, deceased, returned into Court the following bonds, to wit, Joseph Moseley and George Gunn to said Kimbell as Executor and James Moseley to him as Executor of the said deceased for indemnifying the said Executors for giving up their legacies and which bonds are to be recorded.

  Ordered that William Gilmore, Bassett Smith, Lunsford Long, Thomas Rainey and Goodwin Davis be appointed to settle the Estate of Samuel Yeargin, deceased, with Francis Jones, Administrator, so of Francis Jones, who was one of the Executors of said Samuel Yeargin.

  Ordered that Samuel Alston, Esquire, John Huff and John Berry, or any two of them value and divide the Estate of Thomas Gibbs, deceased, between William, Burt and Lucy Gibbs, orphans of the said Thomas Gibbs, deceased, agreeable to law.

  An Inventory and Account of Sale of the Estate of Benjamin Kimbell, deceased, was returned by Benjamin and Ransom Kimbell, Executors of Benjamin Kimbell, deceased, and the same is ordered to be recorded.

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