Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume IV,      1797 - 1800

The following are highlights you will find:

  ~Agreeable to the last Will and Testament of Leonard H. Bullock, deceased, and in conformably to all of Assembly in such case made and proved it is considered that a Negro slave David, late the property of the said deceased, be and is therefore entitled to his freedom and all the privileges directed from said Act.

  ~ James Ellenton and John Burroughs came into Court and made oath that they were present at the house of the said James Ellenton on or about the seventh day of December last, which a difference took place between Daniel Tucker and John Watson, after which they fought and the to the best of their knowledge the said Daniel Tucker did bite off the left ear of him the said John Watson.

  ~Ordinary rates as allowed, to wit, good West India and or Jamaican rum, per quart, thirty-two shillings; French, Apple or Peach Brandy thirty-two shillings; Toddy and bad rum, twenty shillings; Toddy, two shillings; Grog, one shilling, six pence; bad Grog, one shilling; pasturage or stable, six pence; Dinner, four shillings; Breakfast, three shilling six pence; corn or oats, two shillings; a Fodder and grain, one shilling.

  ~Ordered that the following allowances for invalids of Warren County be recommended to the general Assembly now filing for that there appropriation, to wit, Daniel Pegram, wanted in the regulation in 1771, 12; Harton Harwell, in the militia service, 8; Mary Hudson, widow, 8; Jamima Robinson, widow, 8; and Elizabeth Harris, widow, 12, widows whose husbands died in the militia service.

  ~On the petition of General Thomas Person praying that a Negro man, slave by the name of Robert, the property of the petitioner, should be liberated agreeable to law, for meritorious services and that the said Negro slave should hereafter be called and known by the name of Bob Person, it is considered and adjudged by the Court, upon hearing evidence reflecting the character of said slave, that the prayers of the said petitioner be granted and that the said slave from hence forth be considered a free man as fully as this Court has power to make him and that he be known hereinafter by the name of Bob Person.

  ~Ordered that it be recommended to the General Assembly to make the following allowances, to wit, to Elizabeth Harris, 12; Mary Hudson, 8; Jamima Robinson, 8, widows of Invalid and Militia Men who died in the service of the late war.

  ~Ordered that a bridge be built across Reedy Creek at or near the ford by Mrs. Hazelwood and that be Overseer of the road turn and clear the road makeup the best way with the usual hands and that of Benjamin Kimbell and Richard Bennett let the same, choosing a proper place for that proposed and make report to next Court.

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