Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume V,      1801 - 1805

In this book you will find:

Deeds that are proved and recorded:  

~Randolph Hazelwood and Ann, his wife, acknowledged a Deed of Gift to Sarah Hazelwood, their daughter, at whose motion the same was ordered to be recorded.

~J. Newell, a subscribing witness, proved in part a Deed from William Rowland and Samuel Rowland, acknowledged the other part of the said Deed from said William Rowland and Samuel Rowland to James Wilson, which was ordered to be registered.

Intestate records:  

~The Last Will and Testament of Joseph Harris, deceased, was presented in Court and proved by the oaths of Stephen Marshall and Samuel Marshall, witness thereto, Joel Harris and Moses Harris, Executors therein named, qualified accordingly to, who Letters Testamentary are granted.

~Ordered that James Paine, Esquire, Thomas Miller, and William Noyal Norsworthy make division of the Estate of Henry Shearin, deceased, according to the Nuncupative Will of the said deceased, and make return thereof to the next Court.

Administration of wills that are presented and proved:  

~Ordered that Gideon Hunt Macon, Robert Jones, Esquire, James Alston, Isaac Hunter and Edward Jones, with the County Surveyor, lay off and divide the lands and other Estate of Richard Ward, deceased, agreeable to the Will of the said Richard, and report to next Court.

Provisions for the care of orphans, widows and base born children:  

~Ordered that James Perry, orphan of John Perry, be bound to Thomas Brag until he arrive to lawful age, being seventeen last October to be learnt the Carpentry trade.

~Agreeable to the Petition of Rebecca Lanier, widow, and relict of Lewis Lanier, deceased, ordered that a Jury appointed to attend her dower of the lands of her late husband according to the prayer of Petition.

~Ordered that it be recommended to the General Assembly to make the following allowances (to wit) Jemima Robertson 8 - to Mary Hudson V8 - to Elizabeth Harris 12 - widows of Militia solders, who died in actual service during the late Revolutionary War for the year 1802.

The construction of the Courthouse, County roads, bridges, and grist mills:  

~Ordered that John Scott and Thomas Christmas be appointed to contract with proper persons to grub and clear the public lots for the Courthouse and report the same to the next Court.

~Wyatt Hawkins Sheriff came into Court and objected to his own house, as sufficient jail their being no other place as a confinement for debtors and others.

~Ordered that William Johnson, Esquire, clear the land for the Courthouse, prison, and common, also the street adjoining the same, and to bring in his account to the Court for performance thereof.

Tax officials and their Districts among other things:  

Tax officials and their Districts among other things: ~Davis Nicholson, being appointed Collector in Capt Clanton's District, entered into and executed a bond for that purpose with Young McLemore and James Nicholson his securities.

Licensing and setting prices for conveyance, taverns, food and lodging:  

~Ordered that James Gregory have leave to keep an Ordinary at his house in Warren County, who entered into and executed a bond with Edmond Kerney, his security, for the same.

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