Warren County, North Carolina
Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Volume VII,      1787 - 1792

~Administration on the estate of Agnes Jones, deceased, is granted to Francis Burrow and Robert F. Cheek, his securities in the sum of 500.  

~Ordered that Richard Cocke be appointed Constable in Warrenton district, who entered into bond for that purpose with Henry Fitts and Joseph Cocke, his securities and qualified as such.  

~No. 2 ordered that the County trustee pay Joseph Green, Jacob Davis and Willie Smith forty shillings each for their services as patrollers last year.

A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Robert he Bignall, deceased, was exhibited for probate by William Williams as the next friend of his infant children, Robert W. Williams and Elizabeth W. Williams, whereupon the probate of the same, was approved by

~Blake Baker, Edward Bignall, John Speed, Jr., Roberts Speed, and Richard Epperson, Guardian of Mary Speed and Edwin H. Pute, in right of his wife Ann, formally Ann Speed, who say that the said paper writing is the last Will of the said Robert he Bignall, whereupon this judgment issue was made up under the direction of the court to be true by a jury, whether the said paper writing is ordered is not the last Will and Testament of Robert he Bignall, deceased.

~Ordered that James Paine be appointed overseer of the road from the Virginia line to Burwell Harton's, and that he keep the same in repair with the usual hands.

~The execution of a deed from Dixon Marshall to Daniel Anderson was duly proven by Robert R. Ruffin, and ordered to be certified.

~The commission to let a bridge at a place called White's across fishing Creek, reported that they have let the same which was undertaken by Philemon Hawkins, bond proved.

~Tuesday morning the court metaccording to adjournment.

Present: Philemon Hawkins, George Nicholson and Benjamin Kimbell, Esquires.

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