Washington County, Oregon
Marriage Records
Book 4 ,      1896 - 1902

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Marriages Book 4, 1896-1902, first edition
ISBN 0-9701266-7-0
Author:    Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
Paper Back 8.5 x 11, 208 pages,
map of Washington County OR, fully indexed
Item 0970126670

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        Beginning in July 5, 1843, the Tuality District was one of the destinations at the end of the Oregon Trail.
The sparse Indian population included the Atfaliti people, who lent their name to the district and to the meandering river now called the Tualatin River. It was settled early by missionaries, former mountain men, as well as farmers, who found the mild climate and rich soil productive.

   In 1849, the Territorial Legislature changed the name of Tuality County to Washington in honor of President George Washington.   Washington County obtained its present boundaries of about 716 square miles in 1854.   Columbia was selected as the county seat in 1850. Later, the town was given the name of Hillsborough, which in 1858 was modified to Hillsboro. After meeting in two local church buildings, a permanent county headquarters was built in 1852. A brick courthouse was built in 1873.

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Item 0970126670

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