Washington County, Oregon
Marriage Records
Book 4 ,      1896 - 1902


Henry J. Martin (27) and Alma Klink (22), known by F. W. Cady, both of Washington County; 16 March 1896 at the house of S. C. Klink in Clackamas; F. W. Cady and that Herbert Klink, witnesses; F. W. Cady, Minister; R. B. Goodin CC. P 1


Frank Johnson (43) and Christina Higginson (29), known by Mary Smith, both of Washington County, 17 March 1896, house of W. E. Smith, Mrs. J. Peterson and Peter Peterson, witnesses; W. D. Smith, Minister; R. B. Goodin CC. P 2


Loren B. Jackson (21) and Lula B. Sliger (18), known by W. H. Sliger, both Washington County, 28 March 1896 at house of W. H. Sliger; W. H. Sliger and E. L. Jackson witnesses; Evan P. Hughes, Minister; R. B. Goodin CC. P 3


William Paetz (35) and Martha C. Hobble (24), known by A. J. Hobble, both of Washington County, 7 April 1896, at the house of A. J. Hobble; J. L. Hobble and W. H. Hobble, witnesses; A. B. Cady, JP; R. B. Goodin CC. P 4


Henry Becker (39) and Parla Golembiewska (18), known by Frank Pilank, both of Washington County, 6 April 1896 by the County Clerk; Frank Pilank, witness; R. B.Goodin, CC. P 5


Adolph Fuegy (25) and Lizzie Annie Slater (18), known by C. H. Koch, both of Washington County, 8 April 1896 at the house of Mrs. Schlueter; John Fuegy and Anna Schlueter, witnesses; H. A. Schwichtenberg, Minister; R. B. Goodin, CC. P 6


Herbert I. Crockett and Elizabeth A. Frewing married 22 April 1896 in Mulnomah County at the home of Frewings in the presence of George Frewing and Lillian Wadsworth. R. D. Sheyffler, minister of the gospel. R. B. Goodin, Clerk P. 7

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