Thomas Cross Christmas
of Hanover County, Virginia
1690 - 1769

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Eight Generations after Thomas Cross Christmas
of Hanover County VA, 1690-1769
ISBN 0-9701266-5-4
Author:    Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
Paper Back 8.5 x 11, 208 pages, fully indexed
Item 0970126654

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    The Eight Generations after Thomas Cross Christmas began 28 years ago when I started looking for my Grandfather, Robert Lloyd Christmas.

   After years of research I located Granddad’s family in Arkansas. I have designated this book to cover 200 years from Thomas Cross Christmas to Robert Lloyd Christmas. The book includes many of the documents I have transcribed through the years. In the Appendix you will find deeds, wills, court cases and military records.

   The documents in this book are some of the most valuable places to research for a better knowledge of the family lifestyle.


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