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Richard Christmas


A letter concerning Richard Christmas  

Miss Zina Horne                                             May 15 1940

1021 Ingraham Street

Los Angeles, California

Dear Madam:

The data which fell in regard to Richard Christmas , were obtained from the Pension claim, S.8196, based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.

Richard Christmas  was born April 3, 1752, in Warren County, North Carolina.  Before the Revolutionary Was he moved to Orange County, same state.  The name of his parents were no given.

While resident of Orange County, North Carolina, Richard Christmas  volunteered May 1, 1777, and served one month as private in Capt. Eli McDaniel 's company, Col. William O'Neal's  North Carolina Reg.

He volunteered April 1 1779, and served as private in Capt. Jones'  company, Col. William O'Neal's  North Carolina Reg., and was discharged Oct. 15, 1779.

He was commissioned Feb. 25, 1780, Captain of a company of militia in Col. Hugh Tinning's  North Carolina Reg., marched to the defense of Charleston, South Carolina, where he was taken prisoner, May 12, 1780, by the British when that city surrendered, but after being held in Charleston 8 or 10 days, he was paroled and returned home.

He entered the service again Jul. 15, 1781, for the term of 3 months in Captain Abram Allen's  North Carolina company, was in the Battle of Kirk's Lane, and served until he was taken prisoner by the British at Hillsboro in Sept. 1781, was confined on board the prisoner shit "Eske", at Charleston until July 1, 1782, or nearly a year, when his exchange was effected by his brother, Nathaniel  then Liet. Of the militia.

(notes other than above) According to the affidavits set forth in application for pension, The papers stated that Richard had no wife or widow, child or children.  He served altogether 18 months and nine days.  He was released or discharged about 1 year before his father, John Christmas  died (in 1783).

     Richard Christmas  died March 18, 1833 in Orange County, North Carolina.

James A. Craig , of Orange County, North Carolina, was appointed executor of the estate of Richard Christmas .  He applied for pension due the estate on account of the Revolutionary War service of Richard Christmas ,  The claim was allowed March 25, 1834. . .

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