Eight Generations of
Thomas Cross Christmas

Chapter One

  Thomas Cross Christmas to Robert Lloyd Christmas 200 years of Descendants

   Thomas Cross Christmas 1 was born on 16 Oct 1690 at Pohick Creek, Stafford Co., Virginia. He died before 29 Dec 1769 at Hanover Co., Virginia., He was buried circa Jan 1770 at St. Martins Parish, Hanover Co., Virginia.

   Thomas Christmas was, for years, the father of our line of people. It has just been in the last 2 years that I have reached back another 3 generations, with no provable direct connection to England. As I put this book together I find that Thomas is still the one I want to begin with. I have no siblings for him and have never seen record of his wife. I hope to give a comprehensive look at his descendants.

   Thomas is granted 731 acres of land in Hanover Co. VA on the 11th day of April in the year 1732. His land was adjoining land of Henry Graves.

   He was mentioned in Court records "The Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Christmas of Virginia deceased taken in this province returned by John Christmas one of the Executors on Oath and Ordered to be recorded" on 16 Feb 1770 at Buffalo, Bute Co., NC.

   He left his will in Hanover Co. VA, but we find it in Warren Co. NC. When Thomas died his will was probated in Warren Co. NC and the settlement of his estate was conducted by his oldest living son, John. The information on his children was derived form this document. After years of research this researcher has determined that he only mentioned the living children by name in his will and the children of his deceased children. After careful study I believe that Elizabeth Paulett was a daughter-in-law. Possibly the widow of a Richard. For this I have no proof just that there are records of a Richard in the area and he has no connection to anyone. For this book I shall call him Son {Richard?}. One of the determining factors is the Will of Atkins McLemore where he mentions Nathaniel Christmas as his son.

Known children of Thomas Cross Christmas 1 and an unknown spouse were as follows:

1. i. Agnes Christmas 2, born 1715 at Hanover Co., Virginia; married James Whitlock II.

2. ii. John Christmas, born circa 1717 at St. Martins Parish, Hanover Co., Virginia; married Mary Graves.

3. iii. Sarah Ann Christmas, born 1718 at New Kent Co., Virginia; married Benjamin Sanders.

4. iv. Son {Richard?} Christmas, born circa 1719; married Elizabeth (______).

5. v. Catey Christmas, born 1723 at Hanover Co., Virginia; married John Higgason Sr.

6. vi. Rachel Christmas was born in 1725 at Hanover Co., Virginia. She married David Chisholm before 1769.

7. vii. Thomas Christmas, born 1727 at Hanover County, Virginia; married Temperance Whitlock.

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