Welcome to our genealogical home page of our
CHRISTMAS and BEATTIE ancestors.

 With over 40 years of combined research into our own family history, our pages included some of the more interesting pictures, stories and documents including background on family members in the Military dating back to the Revolutionary War era.

Beattie Family Links     
These are the lines of Marshall Kieth Beattie. Marshall was born in 1924 in Battle Creek, MI and died in Banks, OR in November 2001.

Keyes Family Links     
These are the lines of Evelyn Louise Keyes.  Evelyn is still living and we cannot put her birth and death on the web.

Christmas Family Links   
.There are the family lines of James Lloyd Christmas.  James was born in Gainsville, TX in 1924 and died in Bowie TX in November 2001.

Smith Family Links    
These are the family lines of Dorothy Louise Smith.  Dorothy Louise Smith was born in 1926 at Graham, TX the daughter of George Lee Smith and Cleo Martin.  Dorothy died in December 1997 at the coast in Texas.

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